Mitchell Wilkins

May 31st, 2019

President of the Brisbane Arcade and Pinball Collective and co-owner of Netherworld Arcade (pictured), James Angliss, standing in front of some of the games that will appear at the event.

This year’s Royal Queensland Show will include a showcase of retro arcade and pinball machines provided by the Brisbane Pinball and Arcade Collective (BPAC).

As part of Brisbane’s Ekka at the RNA showgrounds, the BPAC showcase will house over 70 classic games available for play from the 9th of August.

The showcase will be hosting an official Stern pro tour pinball competition as well as the first Australian arcade championships and a national Donkey Kong competition.

President of BPAC and co-owner of local gaming bar Netherworld, James Angliss, says that this is certainly the biggest retro gaming event currently operating in Australia.

“We’ve hosted a few of these competitions separately over the past few years but wanted to combine them this year into something huge. The Ekka seemed the perfect fit.

“This is going to be a monster event.”

The tournament will attract the highest ranked pinball and arcade gamers from around the world, including Billy Mitchell, known for the 2007 gaming documentary The King of Kong.

Also in attendance will be Walter Day, who featured in King of Kong and is credited for beginning the competitive gaming scene in the eighties from his arcade Twin Galaxies.

Walter Day (left) and Billy Mitchell (right) at Arcade Expo 4.0, held in Banning, California. (Image credit: Arcade Expo)

Mr Day has said he feels privileged to be able to attend the event and take part in Australia’s growing arcade scene.

“In terms of enthusiasm and rapid growth, the Australian classic gaming scene is currently unprecedented in the world.

“Brisbane, in particular, seems to be leading the gaming revolution in Australia.”

The showcase will take place over 10 days and occupy 400 square meters, hosting daily competitions as well as providing access to classic gaming machines for casual players.

Former Space Invaders world record holder and star of 2014 gaming documentary, The King of Arcades, Richie Knucklez, will be present to host Australia’s third national Donkey Kong competition, Kong Off.

Local arcade enthusiast and former world record holder, Tyson Hargreaves, sharpening his Donkey Kong skills at Netherworld Arcade.

This will be the first time that an Australian Pinball competition has been a part of the Stern Pro Tour, the most highly regarded competitive circuit in the world of pinball.

The event will also be home to the inaugural Australian Arcade championships, taking place on the 17th and 18th of August.

Arcade gaming and pinball have risen in popularity in Brisbane over the past 4 years with the opening of numerous venues in which people can play.

Local venues Netherworld, Pincadia, Pinball Haus, and 1UP Arcade have all come together to make the showcase possible.

Tickets for the competitions are now on sale through Eventbrite and are open to any challengers.

The pinball and arcade machines will be available to play for one dollar per game while not being used for competitions.

The 10-day schedule for the Brisbane Arcade and Pinball Collective Showcase. (Image source:

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